Code of Conduct

At Country Group we understand that 'Trust' is a crucial asset to our success. Our dedication to the financial industry and our customers are clearly defined in our corporate governance standards, board of director responsibilities and internal control policies.

Our board of directors support and encourage good governance throughout the whole organization under the key principles of integrity, transparency, avoidance of conflicts of interests, information disclosure, and fair dealing. Our management team focuses on upholding the integrity of industry, the investment profession, and put interests of clients and shareholders above their own personal interests.

Our independent audit committee and compliance department ensures that efficient internal control systems are in place, and oversees the accuracy and adequacy of our risk management team, proper firewalls between departments are adequate, financial reporting, information disclosure, and to review these stated functions.

Currently, Country Group has participated in the Dispute Settlement by Arbitration which facilitated by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If you have any dispute or arbitration issues regarding our business conducts, you could file for settlement by arbitration; however, the dispute must equip with the conditions indicated by SEC.