Message from the chairman & CEO

Dear Shareholders,

Country Group Securities (CGS) celebrates its 7th consecutive year of solid performance across all business Divisions at the end of 2015. Despite the competitive business landscape, CGS continues to generate a net profit of 179.69 Million Baht to its shareholders. Throughout the year, factors that influenced SET index to fluctuate in 2015 were Investor’s fear of the uncertainty in Thailand’s economic recovery ability, fear that the Fed will hike its FED Fund Rate, fear of China’s fast economic recession from the Chinese‘s government’s restructuring plan. In 2015, the SET index closed at 1,288.02 points (-14% VS 2014)

Due to the increasing trend in Brokerage business’ competition and the global economic recession, CGS is committed to the development of its competitive advantages in order to maximize its shareholders’ returns. Since 2011, CGS has been issuing Dividend to its shareholders of five consecutive years. CGS plans to continue its Dividend scheme in 2016.

CGS restructured and strategized to be more efficient and agile in order to grow its business into the future. The Company places great importance in delivering sustainable return, good corporate social responsibility, and good corporate governance for its sustainable growth.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, shareholders, business partners, managements, and employees, who continue to support CGS to be among the leading securities companies today.